Artificial Intelligence based Photo Editing

Wizart is an API which provides style transfer technology for image editing.

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How is this done..."

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Next Generation Filters

The Wizart API uses neural networks – like small brains – that have learned to paint images in artistic styles.

Click an Image to turn it into an artwork.
Watercolor Styles
The Truth
Oil Paintings
Mary Jane
Digital Art
Digital Art
Classical Art

For mobile apps

Feature in your app

Integrate Wizart API deep neural style transfer technology seemless into your application.

Daily new styles

Get great user retention by creating your own strategy of introducing new styles in regular intervals.

Sell premium styles

Use the huge selection of styles to create premium style sets which can be bought as in-app purchase.

Wizart is simple.

You send images to our API. The API returns the finished artworks back to your system.

Our Service

Daily new styles

One API request and you have a new style in your app portfolio. We research new styles every day and you can use them to create a great way to keep users coming into your app every day.

It runs – you relax

We take care everything on the deep neural network side is running in the cloud. You can just continue focussing on your core business.

More beautiful

We make styles more beautiful every day. You automatically get better results as technology advances.

More performant

We make everything even faster and improve speed and performance until quantum physics forces us to stop.

Use Cases

For mobile Apps

See what Wizart offers for mobile photography apps.

For photo editing software

See what Wizart offers for professional and semi-professional photo editing software.


Pricing is custom. Please contact us.

Wizart App

Test it

Our styles are the results of the relationship between our users feedback and the scientific improvement. Play around and test it yourself.